Healthy Water, Healthy Lives

Help us protect water in Wisconsin by demanding our elected officials draft, support and pass responsible water policy and regulations. 


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In recognition that:
- Clean water is essential for healthy people and a healthy economy.
- Wisconsin water quality and quantity are inseparably linked.
- Wisconsin waters are held in public trust by the State of Wisconsin for the benefit of its people and the maintenance of natural ecosystems.

The citizens of Wisconsin have an inalienable right to:
1. Clean drinking water whether that water is drawn from public sources or private wells.
2. Safe lakes, streams, springs, rivers, canals and coastal waters for swimming and fishing.
3. Protection from water pollution and its effects.
4. Know the sources of pollution that threaten Wisconsin’s waters.
5. Abundant water for drinking, fishing and recreation.

The people of Wisconsin, the state government, and the industries that benefit from Wisconsin’s water resources have the responsibility to:
1. Stop pollution at its source rather than allowing it to enter our waters.
2. Protect Wisconsin’s waters, as well as the people who depend on them, from overconsumption and pollution.
3. Protect the natural environment which is critical to the health of Wisconsin’s people, wildlife and economy.
4. Provide clean water for future generations.
5. Support responsible water policy and regulations.

I the undersigned hereby declare that the importance of protecting our water resources is critical to Wisconsin’s vitality and I pledge to support candidates and elected officials whose efforts and policies will maintain the integrity and volume of our water in Wisconsin