The Citizens' Water Coalition of Wisconsin started with a generous anonymous offer to pay for six charter buses to get citizens from around Wisconsin to Madison to share concerns about water and demand responsible water policy from elected officials and a Citizens' Water Lobby Day in Madison in February 2017.  The three organizers of Citizens' Water Lobby Day were overwhelmed by the response to the event and realized it was time for all people and groups with an interest in clean and abundant water to join forces.

The members of the Citizens' Water Coalition of Wisconsin believe water is the common ground among grass-roots groups opposing frac sand mining, other mining, pipelines, high capacity wells, easing of shoreline zoning rules and CAFOs across Wisconsin. They've joined forces in order to unify their voices and strategically focus on what is needed — elected officials who are willing to stand up and fight for citizens' rights to clean water.

Coalition members are encouraged and empowered to engage with elected officials until there is absolute certainty Wisconsin’s water is protected from various forms of pollution. Our common  demand of responsible water policy and our message of diversity and citizen-led engagement will continue to gain ground as we move forward.

The Citizens' Water Coalition of Wisconsin will speak out and provide information about the importance - even critical nature - of prudent statewide water management. The Coalition efforts benefit all Wisconsin residents because it asks our elected officials to make responsible decisions about how to best protect our water now and in the future.