First off, let me express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the individuals and organizations who have donated to Citizens’ Water Lobby Day 2019. Natural resources in Wisconsin, specifically water resources, have been under attack for years. The only reason Wisconsin continues to have protections in place is because citizens like you are willing to stand up to poor water policy being drafted. Thank you, each and every one of you, for what you do every day to protect Wisconsin water.

Shortly after announcing Citizens’ Water Lobby Day 2019, numerous water groups and individuals reached out suggesting a change to the May 13th event date. Many encouraged postponing Citizens’ Water Lobby Day until after the new Water Quality Task Force concludes and brings forth proposed legislation and policy recommendations. Although initially we were not encouraged by this suggestion, it indeed provides a strong focal point directly on the new task force to complete its job with honesty, integrity, and with the health, safety, and welfare of Wisconsin citizens as its focus. We have no doubt there will be a need to rally water warriors in support or opposition to final proposals produced from this committee. 

After numerous discussions and deep consideration, we have decided to cancel Citizens Water Lobby Day scheduled for May with possible re-scheduling later in the year. With this being said, all monetary donations made to the Citizens Water Lobby Day event will be refunded in full immediately. Donations will be released through the GoFundMe host directly to accounts from which they were made. You should see your funds returned in 7-10 business days. This was not an easy decision but one we feel is the right one. Thank you to all who provided suggestions and feedback. See you in Madison on a later date!

~ Criste Greening, Citizens’ Water Coalition of Wisconsin