In 2017, we were blessed with a very generous benefactor that paid for five buses to bring Wisconsin citizens to Madison from all corners of our state.  This year we will be crowdfunding in the hopes that we are able to offer participants the same wonderful opportunity. The vast majority of funds will go directly to bus transportation costs, conference room rentals, as well as printing and advertising needs.


On February 8th 2017, groups from across Wisconsin came together at our state Capitol to demand responsible water policy from our elected officials

Citizens’ Water Lobby Day 2019

Governor Evers declared 2019 as ‘the year of clean drinking water’ and what better way to kick off the Year of Clean Drinking Water than by organizing another Citizens’ Water Lobby Day on May 13, 2019! 

Two years ago, Citizens Water Coalition of Wisconsin organized its first ever Citizens’ Water Lobby Day, drawing in over 500 participants with only three weeks of planning! It was a remarkable gathering of folks from all over Wisconsin who were concerned about the state of Wisconsin’s drinking water, lakes, streams, and rivers.  Sadly, the state of Wisconsin’s waters has continued to worsen since 2017 and it’s time to load the buses, organize carpools, write down our stories, and head back to the Capitol in Madison to speak with our elected officials. 


Making democracy Work

Elected officials are the map-makers for a Wisconsin with clean water, healthy citizens, and thriving communities. They pave the way, with policy creation and the allocation of taxpayer dollars, for the direction of our state and the quality of our lives. And in order for our mapmakers to adequately and intimately understand the physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural topography of our communities, they need to hear from us, the folks living in their districts who understand, from a variety of viewpoints, that topography. And that’s where you come in — our Water Lobby Day is a start, a place to be among friends and share ideas with each other and our representatives about who we are and what we value. 


Laws Reflect Values

The water issues we are facing in Wisconsin, from PFAS pollution to manure runoff to lead pipes to high capacity wells, are serious and they require a commitment from our elected representatives to draft and pass protections that recognize citizens’ right to clean and plentiful water. Scott Wittkopf, in an article published in December, summed it up nicely, “Simply stated, democracy was founded on the idea of empathy - that we have a moral responsibility to care the lives of others as ourselves. Democracy exists as a metaphor for our values.” Legislation is nothing more than a community’s values codified into law — a way for the community to state who they are and what they value.